10 Places to Find Writer’s Markets for Pay!

small-laptop-coffee-morguefile-cohdraI know. It is difficult to cull through sites that list writing markets and find the ones that pay AND fit your skills.

I am sharing 10 sites I frequent to find the paying gigs I need.

Here we go: UPDATED 2/14/2017

  1. Absolute Write lists updated and current online writing markets. Plus they note the price paid where appropriate.
  2. Freelance Writing Jobs searches for you and lists a daily week day writing job list. The jobs are broken down into writing job type–bloggine, proofreading, editing, content, etc. A very helpful site when it comes ot finding a writing gig FAST!
  3. Write Jobs lists jobs for writers that are a mix of freelance and full-time. Some may be telecommute but often they are tied to a location. Always a great spot to get a pulse on what’s happening in the online writing world.
  4. Another great “all-round” resource is the Jobs page at Freelance Writing’s website. The site publishes a weekly Tuesday morning list of freelance jobs title “Morning Coffee”. Subscribe to the Morning Coffee newsletter here.
  5. Review the Write Blog Freelance listing of freelance writing jobs. I am always amazed at the variety and scope of the jobs it returns.
  6. Check major cities on Craigslist for telecommute jobs. Think Phoneix, Dallas, Washington D.C., Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City, Las Vegas, Houston and Chicago to start. Here’s a link to Las Vegas telecommute jobs for writing/editing.
  7. The ProBlogger Job Board is worth perusing. Lots of quick blogging jobs available.
  8. Pearson Education lists remote jobs at the Remote Jobs at Pearson page and occasionally there are some writing and scoring opportunities for working at home.
  9. Personnel Associates lists open remote and location based publishing, writing and editing jobs.
  10. Make sure to check-in with Lionbridge Crowdsourcing to see what jobs they have listed–decent pay for telecommute positions if you have a degree and the right computer equipment


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