3 Ways to Become a Content Strategist

Green Apple on BooksIt’s no secret–Google loves fresh, current content.

Are you writing content that grabs a reader’s attention?

Here are three ways to begin strategically writing content that draws the right audience every time:

  1. Create a content plan – A content plan should coincide with advertising and marketing plans for the company you are writing for. Content should support social media efforts, too. In fact, all these areas should meld to draw the desired results from customers and potential customers.
  2. Create an editorial calendar and plan when your content should be written and posted – Editorial calendars are just like regular calendars except they include holidays, observances and milestones that are important to a particular industry. Once you complete the calendar by entering all important dates–I use my Outlook calendar tool to do this and create a separate calendar for each client using a different color to identify each one–you can then choose topic for each month. Choose a subtopic for each week that corresponds to the month’s subject, then list each post you want to write and choose a “working” title for each one. Don’t forget to leave room for current evnets that could pop up and need a blog or Facebook post or tweet.
  3. Choose keywords carefully – Keywords are how search engines identify the right pages for search results. Without the right keywords, content can get lost. Use a keyword tool to find the words your audience is searching for and match them with your editoiral calendar. Checking out the keywords the competition is ranking for is another way of locating popular keywords that draw an audience.

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