How To Write A Web Content Article

2aWant to know the secret formula for writing content articles?

I provide you with a structure, a detailed example and then conclude with some advanced advice and some bonus links.

Writing a web content article starts with the structure of the article and a writer that can identify an interesting angle for the chosen topic. It includes pertinent information without extra words (no padding here!) and requires the ability to detach and self-edit.

Here’s the Basic Structure

1. Start with a topic. Narrow it down so that the bulk of the information can fit into a 500 word article—get specific. Create a draft title according to the topic chosen. Finalize the title after the article is written.

2. Choose three to five key points. Make those key points the headings in the article. A web audience reads in “chunks” beginning with titles and headings. Make those titles and headings catchy to grab their attention and keep them on the page.

3. Write the content for the chosen key points. Use at least three sentences but no more than five for each paragraph under each heading. Really. Web readers need a visual break and long paragraphs do not provide a rest for the eyes and the mind.

4. Write the introduction after you write the key points. Tell the reader what the article is about and mention what is to follow.

5. Write the conclusion. Restate the introduction and tie up any loose statements made in the article.

Here’s An Example

1. “Cats” is too broad a title. “Boarding Cats” is better but still too broad. “3 Rules To Follow When Boarding The Family Cat” sounds like it will contain useful information.

2. Here are three headings but more can be used. “Choose A Licensed Facility”, “Consider Your Cats History”, “Check For Cleanliness”.

3. Content for the heading “Choose A Licensed Facility” should tell the reader how to find out if a facility is licensed, what its license history is and why a licensed facility is important. “Consider Your Cats History” asks the reader to consider how the family cat behaves, what sends it into panic (dogs barking may not be helpful if the cat is without its owners) and does the boarding facility provide what is necessary for the cat in question? “Check For Cleanliness” requires a brief explanation as to why this might be important for the health of the cat.

4. Write the introduction by explaining why it might be important to consider the following basic rules when leaving the family cat behind.

5. Create the conclusion by restating the introduction. In this instance I might include a tip or two about packing up the cats favorite toys.

Here’s Advanced Advice

Advanced writers know how to spin a story through the basic structure of a web article. This ability comes from writing a lot of content. Some topics are easier than others because the writer may have personal experience about the topic.

Use your personal life experience to your writing advantage. Choose topics you have some level of interest in and make your writing process a happy struggle rather than a sigh inducing, head banging on the keyboard battle. Read your article out loud to yourself or have a trusted confidant read it to you. Don’t become so enamored with yourself and your writing that you cannot delete a sentence and restructure as needed

Further Examples

Here are some further examples of web content articles written some time ago by yours truly. In the case of these examples, the structure and titles were preordained by the website owners and each article was approved by skilled editors. Each is a different type of web article than what I have presented above and each was written at various stages of developing my writing skills.

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  1. I love all these tips and GREATLY appreciate them! I have heard so many stories about people writing an article a day that end up earning enough to pay their living expenses after about a year. I will be that person some day!

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