I Found A Free Writers Reference Other People Pay For

I stumbled around for a long time attempting to find solid, reliable resources for my residual content. My overwhelming need to provide good information, resources and links to my readers was slowing me down. A search on Google just wasn’t enough for me—there are so many websites, pages and a wild mix of information that never seems to have an origination point—I wanted to do better than repeating information. I was frustrated—where does one find the right writing references?

The Big Tease

One of my niches is health and wellness. I keep running into websites with links to “databases of research articles” which block me because I am not a paying member—very frustrating, just a big tease in my opinion. “Lookie here! We have exactly what you need and you get to read part of it but wait…what’s this? You don’t have a membership to view the bulk of this valuable info? Sorry, you have been denied access.” I started learning the names of these websites by heart, my research efforts slowed further.

Look No Further

Then, one day as I was innocently scrolling through my local library website, I made the perfect discovery. Not only did I not have to go to the library to do research, my local library allowed free access to many of those “blocked” databases just because I carried a library card. Wow!

Ahhhh, the library! I don’t have to leave the comfortable spot I have worn in my desk chair to do the excellent and valuable research I so desperately believe in.

All I needed was a library card from my local county library and access to a computer. Now I have access to medical and science journals, business periodicals, newspapers, encyclopedias and tons more.

I log into my library account and Voila! I have everything I need.

What You Need To Do

– Check with your local library and see if they have online access to their reference materials.

– If they do, then a library card will probably be needed and, of course, computer access. Log in to your library account and head for the research area.

– If they don’t have online reference capability, search around for a library that does. College and university libraries usually charge a small yearly fee for a library card if the applicant is not a student or faculty member. Also, check with the next largest city or county-they may have the library you need.

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