What Makes Google Happy?

googleDoesn’t it make sense to please Google when writing web content? Do you know how to please Google when writing online content?

The easy answer is–ask Google how. Better still, review the advice Google has posted on its webmaster’s blog.

Follow Google Web Content Requests

Google is straight forward about what it wants to see in web content. Here is what they ask for:

  • Fresh content on a regular and consistent basis.
  • Give searchers what they are looking for–you will need a great keyword software program to make that happen
  • Lots of links to your site–nothing created by an automatic system or through a linking program
  • Create a logical site structure–main page, categories, eavery page should be linked to within the structure of the site
  • Do not hide or fill pages with keywords. Always create logical, readable content. Do not create multiple pages of content with the same information.

Google Tells You How

You can find out more about what Google likes to find on blogs and how to link your blog to your website home page by visiting this link.

Google provides important information about SEO, link bait, master link plans and more. Google’s advice? Never trust anyone who can claim to put you into the number one spot for good for any search terms–Google prides itself on that being an impossible thing to promise.

Find out what Google uses to determine a Google search friendly site.

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